Top 20 Business Coaches in the World

“Business is about being the best that you can be, and there are always glowing examples of people we can learn from.”  John Cauldwell

Becoming the best is a learning process. Businesses are investing in the development of their organizations and leadership through the expanded use of business coaches. With over 55,000 business coaches worldwide, you will want to find the best business coach for your pocketbook and needs. The coach who will be the best fit for you must have training in the coaching process as well as the experience and skills to fit your context. There is much to be learned about what to look for in a high quality coach.

What are the traits of the best business coaches?

According to, the 5 traits of the best business coaches include:

  1. They have experience.
    You will want to learn from someone who has also made the journey to success. The best coaches are seasoned leaders.
  2. They hold you accountable.
    The best coaches will hold you to a plan. They understand that a natural part of the change process is to retreat to old, familiar ways. The coach will hold you to the plan to move forward.
  3. They stand by their positions.
    The best coaches in the world are not going to waffle to make you happy. They will hold to the premises that have made them successful and will further you in your development, even if it means they lose you as a client. They are firm in their beliefs.
  4. They do their own work.
    The best coaches are not “going it alone” either. They are a member of professional groups, round-tables, or even have their own coaches who keep them on a growth trajectory. They practice coaching.
  5. They are strong communicators.
    . They are skillful in building relationships, and they know how to effectively recap information to reinforce it.

Whether you are a large corporation, a small business, or an entrepreneur who is thinking about working with a business coach, there are lessons to be learned by examining the traits of the best business coaches in the world.

Who are the top business coaches in the world?

The business coaching industry is not regulated. Business coaches develop their skills from an array of experiences and build their credentials through their careers, networks and successful outcomes. As such, there is no one resource or agency for advisement on the quality of an individual business coach. There are, however, research and professional organizations that have identified the individuals with qualities that make for the best business coaches to be found in the world.

Global Gurus is a research organization that ranks leaders based on the voting of persons who found remarkable leaders. Their list of top business coaches includes people who are knowledgeable in personal/organizational development. They are known for their work, their expertise in their fields, and through their works in speaking, training, books, and media. The Global Guru list of famous World’s Top 30 Coaching Professionals for 2018  begins with these top 10.

#1. Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, Author on Business Management

#2. Tony Robbins, Personal and Leadership Development

#3. John Mattone, Top Authority on Intelligent Leadership

#4. Paul Martinelli, Belief Leadership

#5. Dr. Marcia Reynolds, Organizational Psychologist and Coaching Leader

#6. Dr. Peter Chee, Developer of Coaching Models and Certification Credentials

#7. Michael Bungay Stanier, Author and Founder of Crayon Box

#8. Christy Whitman, Transformational Leader, Celebrity Coach, and Author

#9. Brenda Bence, International Leader on Branding

#10. Judith E. Glaser, Pioneering Change Agent and Leading Authority on Conversational Intelligence

What do these top 10 business coaches have in common? First, they are thought leaders. They have each brought forth innovative thinking that inspires and leads others toward introspection and positive action. Second, they are outstanding communicators. These top coaches are recognized for their writing, speaking, and communication skills. Third, they are experienced. They have founded successful businesses, organizations, and networks. Fourth, they are credible because they have remained true to their message. Fifth, they provide frameworks that have truth. The people who apply their frameworks with integrity will get results.

Who are the best small business coaches?

Social media is creating more opportunities for coaches and businesses to network and develop their leadership capacity. These top 10 business coaches have been recognized by Influence Digest for their prolific business coaching success through social media.

#1. Brad Sugars — ActionCOACH with 25 years experience.

#2. Jay Abraham — Believes in going from A to B.

#3. Melinda Emerson — Grows business from start up to leveraging finance and social media.

#4. Nick Loper — Side Hustle Nation.

#5. Barry Moltz — Get Unstuck.

#6. Rieva Lesonsky — Columnist on Small Business Trends and Coach.

#7. Tammy Adams — Small Business Podcast.

#8. Alan Melton — Make More, Work Less is his motto.

#9. Steve Mitten — Small Business Guru.

#10. Lana Hill — One Small Step Coaching.

Once again, we find that the top coaches in the world for small business are people who are great thought leaders and communicators. They understand what it takes to move forward, and they have clearly articulated principles that guide the wisdom and inspiration they offer to others. These savvy coaches also understand how to leverage media, an essential skill for successful enterprise in the 21st century.

Examples of How Some of the Top Business Coaches Helped Their Clients

Branding expert Brenda Bence has helped both corporations and small businesses to improve their image and make needed changes. Her services include speaking, training and the coaching of executives within corporations. The service she provides may be a combination of services, touching on objectives and levels of employees across the organization. Clients report that her training provides them with tactics that are practical for them to implement.

Testimonials of her effectiveness in coaching describe positive outcomes for executives. For example:

“Coaching with Brenda Bence far exceeded my expectations – in fact, I would go so far as to say it has been the single best piece of learning and development I’ve ever received. It was a truly transformative experience.”
Head of Investor Relations – Global 500 Bank

When it comes to helping small businesses, Lana Hill of One Small Step Coaching has developed coaching service plans that provide a bundle of services. Options include a three month plan, a four month plan, or a business health check plan. The types of services include developing a business plan, studying the competition, branding analysis, goal setting, action planning, improvement of time management and execution. She offers a unique opportunity for business owners to network with others through Accountability Pods in which small business owners can gain support and inspiration from others. She also supports small business owners by offering them a Team Strategy service in which the small business owner is assisted in developing a team culture to grow the business. A testimonial states:

“I’ve been trying to do everything myself for so long my head was a jumble. Working with Lanna was like a weight lifted off my shoulders and jumble of ideas being simplified. I found clarity and a new found enthusiasm for my business. Lanna will remain a part for my business and I highly recommend you get in touch and feel what I’m feeling.”
Kerry Bryant, Bring Your Body

Where can I find the best business coaches in the world?

There are coaching directories available that will help you to search for the best coach for you, based on the size of your business, your needs, and resources. To assist you with your search, the following is a list of 10 of the top business coach companies, in alphabetical order:

This is a global professional services company with 50,000 colleagues in 120 countries.

Business Coaching on Demand
All coaches are certified by the International Coach Federation standards.

Center for Creative Leadership
Ranked by Financial Times as among the top world providers of executive education.

This is an international executive coaching leadership company.

Executive Coaching Network
A Global Coaching Firm for C-suite executives, teams, and organizations.

This coaching company has a mission to unlock potential.

Korn Ferry Hay Group
This is a top ranked resource for finding executives and the coaching/consultancy for your organization.

LinkedIn Profinder
This professional networking site will facilitate a search for coaches in your area.

Oliver Wyman
A global company supporting a range of businesses and offering leadership development.

Willis Towers Watson
This company has over 40,000 colleagues in over 140 countries and focus on turning risk into growth and cultivating talent.

Who is the top business coach in the world?

The Harvard Business Review recognized Dr. Marshall Goldsmith as the World’s Number 1 Leadership Thinker. His books are rated as the best and most influential writings in business in the world. The Financial Post recently published an interview with this brilliant man that is full of his wisdom. What can we learn from the world’s best coach? Consider this advice for FeedForward leadership:

“Learn as much as you can and help as much as you can.” Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

He offers this lifestyle advice that we can all take with us in our quest to be better and find the best to help us in our journey: Be happy now. Appreciate family and friends. If you have a dream, go for it! A better philosophy for life and work could not be found elsewhere.

It’s excellent advice for your personal and professional life!


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